School Board

Constitution & By-laws

The School Board is comprised of practicing Catholic parishioners of Saint Brendan the Navigator Parish. The School Board serves in an advisory capacity to assist the Pastor and Principal in discerning school direction and policy. The primary purpose of the School Board, as stated in its constitution, is to focus on the promotion and marketing development which shall provide for the educational needs of the Pre-K through Eighth Grade students of Saint Brendan Catholic School.

Members of the School Board include the Pastor (non-voting but with veto power), The School Principal (non-voting), the President of the Home and School Administration (non-voting), and the at-large members (voting). School Board members must be registered parishioners at Saint Brendan Roman Catholic Church for at least twelve consecutive months, exhibit a spirit of stewardship and support, and attend Mass regularly.

Current School Board Members are:

  • Angela Jones – President
  • Father Tom Barrett – Pastor
  • Mr. Philip Gorrasi -   Principal
  • Frank Lombardo
  • Greg Sullivan
  • Lisa Mirante
  • Matthew Gable


The School Board meets regularly, every six weeks, September through May, or as needed. All promotional and marketing ideas shall be consistent with Diocesan policy and the Ordinary. The School Board recognizes the overall accountability of the Pastor to the Diocese and to the Parish.