Saint Brendan School is a Catholic elementary school, grades Pre-K to 8, affiliated with the Diocese of Orlando, and fully accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference.

We are a community of faith, committed to carrying out the fourfold purpose of Catholic education; proclaiming the message of God revealed by Jesus Christ, building fellowship in the life of the Spirit, providing service to the Christian community, and worshiping God in public and private prayer.

We use our human and material resources to establish and maintain a school climate conducive to the spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional, physical and social development of each student.

Our curriculum is challenging and broad in scope, and places emphasis upon the development of the attitudes, values, and skills. This enables the student to think clearly, act purposefully, and deal effectively with their interpersonal relationships and with the scholastic and cultural challenges they face every day.

We affirm the role of parents as the primary educators of their children; and, as partners in parenting, we encourage parental involvement.

We believe in the dignity of each child; therefore, we emphasize through word and example the absolute necessity for respect of self, of others, and of property. This acknowledgement of the sacredness of each person's dignity, we believe, leads to a greater mutual respect for one another in our community of faith as we proclaim and live the Good News of Jesus Christ.