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Father Lopez College Game Day

October 30, 2020

Happy Friday, from Father Lopez Catholic High School!
As most of you know, we had a really awesome “Boots and Beer” Celebrate event back in February. It was a hit and we'd planned to do it again with a twist this school year. A College Game Day themed event was planned for November 7.
Ruh, roh. Pandemic!
In an effort to adapt to the times and still do something fun, we are currently hosting a virtual event, Green Wave College Game Day that culminates on November 7th. We have online auction items available for bidding but the bigger stakes come from the fan duel for favorite college team. It's pay to vote ($5 each) and the winning team is going to be celebrated on the Father Lopez campus for a whole week from November 16-20. It will be a fun week, right before our much anticipated Thanksgiving break... as long as your rival team doesn't win! ?.
We currently have a few teams in the mix per the live leaderboard. If you would like to see your favorite school in the mix, you can register, vote, and bid here. There's even a "None of the Above" option. Auction bidding and team voting will end at 10pm on 11/7. → Same day as Florida vs. Georgia ← Please help us out by sharing the links with anybody who may be interested!
The pandemic has changed so much about our lives. Over these months we have lost a lot, but we have also learned to appreciate things that we formerly took for granted. One of those things is college football. Leading up to the season there was talk about not having any college football in 2020. If you are a fan, the thought of not seeing your favorite team play was almost too much to take on top of everything else. So, take a break from worrying about COVID-19, sit back in the safety and comfort of your own home, enjoy a cold beverage, watch some college football, and log in to our virtual event.
Thank you! Father Lopez Catholic High School

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